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Violets Kismet Alison Breskin

Violets Kismet

Alison Breskin

Published February 18th 2014
ISBN : 9781495307126
336 pages
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 About the Book 

Violets Kismet, tells the suspenseful tale of a quirky teenage girl, being raised by her Grandmamma, since her parents mysterious disappearance at the age of nine- who secretly discovers over time that she possesses supernatural powers. Violet embarks on a heartfelt journey as she begins her sophomore year at Albany High, with her three best friends and newly found lover faithfully at her side. Violet runs along the Hudson River to practice for the track team every morning, and discovers there that she has visions, as she witnesses a murder that took place months ago. She confides in her Uncle Frank, a Police officer of Troy that she had a vision of the unsolved murder, and takes him to the scene of the crime, where he gathers evidence. Violet experiences many strange unexplained supernatural occurrences, and when she discovers through her mothers journal that she is not the only one, she seeks her grandfather, her mothers father for answers. Violets boyfriend drives her out to the country to meet him for the first time. Here she will find the answers that she is looking for, and also face a powerful evil that has been stalking and threatening her family for decades.